2010 Calendar: September 2010 through January 2011

Doors open 1/2 hour before the concert.
All seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and pastries are available for purchase before each show and during intermission.

Please visit the Stone Soup and Performer Merchandise table!
Some performers do take credit cards; Stone Soup does not take credit cards.
September 11-12 Pawtucket Arts Festival 1:00- 5:00 PM Slater Park Free Concerts
Saturday: September 11: Double-Decker Dance Band; Anne’s Cordial; The Gnomes
Sunday: September 12: Maria Sangiolo (Children’s Show); Gypsy Romantiques; Forever Young
The Rhode Island Blood Center Mobile Unit will be at the Park during the Festival
September 18:

Blue Grass Gospel Project Tickets: $20.00 advance | $22.00 at the door

BGP’s repertoire draws from a sub-genre of bluegrass, the body of music developed in the mountains of the southeastern U.S. during the twentieth century. BGP is Taylor Armerding, Paul Miller, Steve Light, Gene White, Jr., Colby Crehan & Kirk Lord
September 25:

Ronny Cox with Jack Williams Tickets: $25.00
Opener: Jacob Haller

Most people know of Ronny Cox’s acting career (Deliverance, The Onion Field), but not so many know of his life-long love and dedication to music. These days, Ronny spends about half of his time acting and the other half as a singer/songwriter performing at folk festivals, concert venues and small intimate venues, like Stone Soup.
October 2: Stone Soup Dark Tonight
October 9:
Erica Wheeler
Opening with a Stone Soup HOOT

Erica Wheeler is an award-winning songwriter with five critically acclaimed releases to her credit. She has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered and WXPN’s World CafeĢ. Her CD The Harvest remained on Billboard’s Gavin Americana Chart for five months with a solid month in the top ten.
October 16:
World Hunger Day
Benefit for RI Hunger Project
Singing For Your Supper

Tickets: $10.00 at the door
Partnering with Rhode Island Songwriter’s Association (RISA) and Motif
Proceeds to go to Pawtucket Soup Kitchen
Performers: Garry Foisy, John Fuzek, Terry Kitchen, Jan Luby, Ed McGuirl, GW Mercure, Marjorie Thompson
October 23:
Jerimoth Hill Tickets: $17.00

Jerimoth Hill, named after the highest point in Rhode Island, is Atwater-Donnelly’s all old-time gospel project. Winners in the Motif Music Awards (Americana category), the band includes Aubrey, Elwood & Uriah Donnelly, Cathy Clasper-Torch, and Heidi & John Cerrigione.
October 30:
Livingston Taylor TIckets: $25.00
Marc Douglas Berardo

Livingston Taylor picked up his first guitar at the age of thirteen, beginning a forty-year career that has encom- passed performance, songwriting and teaching. He is a natural performer, peppering his shows with personal stories, anecdotes and ineffable warmth that connect him to his fans.
November 6:
Eric Andersen
Mark Cutler Tickets: $18.00 in advance $20.00 at door

Eric Andersen’s songs, voice, and guitar have created a career spanning over 40 years. In the Village clubs he witnessed the singing and playing of some of America’s greatest blues and jazz masters alive. It was in these clubs where he learned how a master musician can, with one voice or instrument, captivate an audience.
November 13:
Tony Bird Tickets: $17.00 in advance $20.00 at door

Tony’s music fuses African styles with Western traditions creating a unique sound that is at once polyrhythmic, percussive and melodic. Colored by intimate observation and a gift for image, Tony’s subjects are wide-ranging: mangoes and bicycles, the African bush and people’s relationships with the earth and each other.
November 20:
Bill Staines
Opening with a Stone Soup HOOT

For more than 40 years, Bill Staines has traveled back and forth across North America, singing his songs and delighting audiences at festivals, colleges, concerts, clubs, and coffeehouses. Now, well into his fifth decade as a folk performer, he has gained an international reputation as a gifted songwriter and performer.
December 4:
John McCutcheon Tickets: $20.00 in advance $22.00 at door

His songs sing of the nation’s heritage. His words channel the conscience of our people into streams of poetry and melody(Christmas in The Trenches) John has been cited as “the perfect example of the modern folk musician.” by Sing Out! Magazine. He lives in Georgia but keeps moving, toward wherever he senses there’s still a story yet to be told.
December 11:
A Midwinter's Evening - Celtic music for the season with Triple Spiral

Triple Spiral is a musical ensemble made up of some of the most innovative musicians in New England. The collaboration brings together experts in varied European musical styles to create a truly joyful fusion of Celtic and Folk music stylings which will take you on a fascinating journey through time and place. Triple Spiral is Ray Price, Barry Hall, Lindsay Adler, Beth Hall, and Sally Sinclair Beckham.

January 8:
Meg Hutchinson and Heather Maloney Tickets: $15.00 in advance $17.00 at door

Meg Hutchinson, a lyric-based, acoustic songwriter, has won numerous songwriting awards including recognition from John Lennon Songwriting Competition, Billboard Song Contest and prestigious competitions at Merlefest, NewSong, Kerrville, among others. Heather Maloney’s sharp, poignant lyrics are housed in clever acoustic compositions, accented by melodious, ‘operatic’ tendencies, which separates her music from straight ahead, folky pop tunes.
January 15:
David Mallet

One of America’s original troubadours, David’s songs are filled with passion, evocative imagery, and a sense of the inevitable passage of time. The struggle of the common man are the subject of many of his songs.
January 22:
Les Sampou
with Taylor Armerding
Danielle Miraglia

Les writes and sings Americana music that’s full of twang and blues. Her career has spanned five recordings and countless venues over several hundred thousand miles of road. Her songs are like a diary of a life that takes you through lonely hotel rooms, endless highways, and the bedrooms of hard-living lovers.
Tickets for Les Sampou can be bought at the door.